You may have noticed that this year I have not been blogging
as much as last year.  You can blame Santa!!
For Christmas 2015, Santa bought me a sewing machine.  I had wanted one for a long time, and when I
finally got one, I didn’t really know what to do or where to start.  So the poor love stayed in the box for a good
7 months or so. 
But then, one day, I opened the box and discovered a love of
sewing that cannot be stopped!
I have enjoyed making things for myself and others, and
particularly like sewing bags. I have tried sewing a number of different things
– a basic quilt, some zippered pouches, long kaftans for my Aunties, handbags
for a couple of Christmas presents, a costume for my son for the Nativity play,
tote bags, aprons, pencil cases, library bags and more!  I just cant stop!  I love to sew.  I particularly love the part where you are
just about to finish the new creation. 
Seeing it come to life is so satisfying. 
I also love that I get totally immersed in the work.  I tend to sew when my daughter is in bed in
the afternoon, so the house is quiet, and I just get lost in the moment.  For me, it is almost meditative. 
A Stormtrooper library bag
 I made for my son
I sewed this apron for my Soul Sister-
it has an adjustable neck strap!
Christmas presents – handbags for two of the coolest young ladies I know

That sewing machine has worked its little heart out.  And then she broke!  The hunt began for a new machine, something
that I was prepared to invest in, that would make life easier while sewing,
that would take this new creative interest to new heights. 
Last week, she arrived!
My new machine! 

I loved sewing before, but now – my goodness!  It feels almost like going from driving an
old rusty Datsun 180B to driving a top of the line Lexus!  This new machine is so easy to use.  It almost does the sewing for me.  I love that it is super quiet, so smooth, and
has beautiful features like being able to sew words, pretty stitches, a large
workspace and fantastic LED lights.
The first thing I sewed on her is this beautiful bag and
zippered pouch for my Mum.  Complete with
a message on the interior pocket, so that each time she uses her bag, hopefully
Mum thinks fondly of me.
The message inside the bag I made for Mum.  It says “I love you Mum”
In this new habit, I get to work with pretty fabrics that
make me feel good when I look at them.  
With a bit of research (I’m teaching myself to sew!), a bit of skill,
and a pinch of love and concentration, I get to turn a plain piece of fabric
into something useful, with a whole other purpose.  And that feels pretty good.  In a couple of weeks I’m doing a workshop
where I will learn how to make the bags I sew look more professional.  Who knows what that will lead to! I have no
intention of stopping any time soon. 
When you find something that lights you up and brings so much joy, you
must be on the right track. 
What do you do that lights you up like that? 
I’m off now to finish sewing a skirt for my daughter!
Until next time,
E xx