Inspiring read: Do Less by Kate Northrup

New in my Inspiring Read series  - Do Less by Kate Northrup.  An interesting take on time management for busy Moms.

Welcome to my Inspiring Read series. In this series I will be sharing books I’ve read that have helped me feel more creative, calm or connected. They will be books that I’ve enjoyed, that I feel you might like too. They will be books that have the power to make our lives a little better in some way.

First up is Do Less by Kate Northrup.

I listened to Kate Northrup narrate this book on Audible, and I highly recommend it. Who wouldn’t love the idea of doing less?

I have been doing a lot of reading about minimalism lately, and this book fits nicely with that theme. In this book, Northrup encourages you to do less so you can have more time for what’s important to you – the people and experiences that make life worth living.

The approach to time management outlined in the book was totally different from anything I have ever read before. Northrup suggests we should connect time management to cycles (monthly cycles, cycles of the moon, or the seasons). She argues there are times in a cycle where we are better at some tasks than others, and if we take advantage of our cyclical nature, we can maximise productivity and ultimately, do less.

The book includes several experiments that allow the reader to try and do less in a different way, to prove to yourself how doing less can actually give you more. You could try all of the experiments, or just some of them, I love the way they are presented in a way that is not overwhelming.

I loved Northrup’s honesty and “realness” throughout this book. I felt like I was being guided by the experience of a friend who had tried these tips before me and was sharing what she learnt along the way.

This book would be great for those of us who feel overwhelmed with keeping all the balls in the air, those who suffer from or are recovering from perfectionism, or those of us who want a new way of thinking about how we spend our time.

Have a read, let me know what you think. What are your thoughts on doing less? Have you got any tips or tricks that have worked for you?

Until next time

E xx