Do more than just exist |
I was basking in the sun at a trendy suburban café one
Sunday afternoon with the most beautiful group of mismatched women.  We had the pleasure of working together in one
of the most awesome teams I have ever had the privilege to work in.  Now we all have different jobs, but still
make time to catch up when we can.  We
were talking about all the things important in our lives right now, my blog
came up (!), all the children, and generally what we are doing with our
One of our party – bright, colourful, caring and kind,
clever, brave and driven – mentioned that she is still working on figuring out
what she wants in life next…still searching for what her passion is. 
I feel like this is something that is coming up around me a
lot lately.  I’m not sure if it is
because of the season of life my friends and I are in, or if it is an ongoing
quest we will encounter throughout the rest of our lives.  Everybody seems to be searching for
So how do we work out what that is? 
We’ve already had a chat here about the Desire Map; by
Danielle LA Porte (see this post).  The
main gist of her idea is that we work out how we want to feel in our life (because
she feels we are chasing a feeling rather than goals) and then sort it out from
I was listening to a podcast by Rob Bell the other day (the RobCast,
episode 6) and he answered the question how
do you figure out what your thing in life is?
Rob suggested you can find the answer in a number of ways:
Listen to the themes that keep arising in your
life. When is it that you felt most alive/at peace/satisfaction?  When was it and what were you doing at those
What do you love to do?  What brings you alive, what is it that makes you
lose track of time when you are doing it?
What angers you? 
What fills you with a sense of divine anger or injustice that you think “someone
should do something about that” – maybe that someone is you!
What makes you curious?  What do you want to know more about?
What gets you up in the morning?
What exhausts and exhilarates you? 
All great questions I think that could help guide you to
where your passion or “thing” in life might be. 
Everyone’s favourite spiritual guide, Oprah, suggests we already
have the answer within us.  All we have
to do is listen:
“If I were to put it in business
terms or to leave you with a message,” she told a crowd of Stanford GSB
students, some of whom waited in line 90 minutes to secure a seat close to the
stage, “the truth is I have from the very beginning listened to my instincts.
All of my best decisions in life have come because I was attuned to what really
felt like the next right move for me.”
“Your real work is to figure out
where your power base is and to work on that alignment of your personality,
your gifts you have to give, with the real reason why you are here,” she
said. “Align your personality with your purpose, and no one can touch you.”  If you want to watch Oprah speak about this go here.
Another suggestion that I heard recently (I think it was on
the Happier with Gretchen Rubin
podcast) is to remember what it was you liked to do when you were 10 years
old.  Chances are what you liked doing
then, you will still like doing today, and you may just find inspiration for
something you would like to add back into your life again.  Using this method, I have identified that my career
of choice should clearly be singing into a hairbrush, dancing to John Farnham
songs 😉  However, if this is not
possible, my next favourite thing to do was read books and write stories,
letters and poems.   Pretty close to what
I love doing now! 
What has worked for me? 
I’m a big believer in following my instincts.  It seems that the right opportunities seem to
present themselves when I am ready for them. 
I start thinking about something I’d like to do or achieve, slowly
mulling it over, dreaming, wondering if it is the right path to take.  Usually, when I listen to what my soul is
saying, something will happen that seems to show me I’m on the right
track.  I love those moments.  It is like you feel energised, excited and
can’t wait to get started. 
So, have you found your passion in life?  The thing you can’t wait to bounce out of bed
to do each day?  Are you still
searching?  Do you have any advice for my
sparkly friend?  Comment below or on the
Facebook page (search Creative Calm Connected).
Until next time,

E xx