Dear Universe, I am so grateful. #manifest #LoA:

There has been mounting evidence in the last few years that
a particular key to happiness is to develop a gratitude practice.  By focusing on things we are grateful for,
we are better able to count life’s blessings and enjoy what we have.  
So with the beginning of a new month and
season, I thought what better way to start spring than with a quick think about
the things I am grateful for.
Here’s just some of what I came up with in just ten minutes
or so.  
I am grateful for:
  • being alive! 
    Every breath, being able to think, to enjoy, to love.
  • my loving family – my husband, my children, my
    parents and extended family – for all they are, for all they bring to our
    relationships, for the way they provide me with a safe and secure “place” to be
    me.  And for so much more!
  • my tribe – the beautiful group of women that I
    choose as my family.  These women accept
    me for who I am.  They trust me as I
    trust them.  We share our deepest
    secrets, life’s highs and lows. 
  • Having pretty teacups! I love drinking tea and
    now have quite a lovely collection of favourite cups.
  • our home – we have a safe, warm place to sleep
    and to enjoy each other’s company.  I am
    also grateful for the mess inside the house, the pile of ironing waiting for
    me, the never-ending washing – because it means we have clothes to keep us
    warm, toys for the children to play with, books for us to read, and memories we
    are making together.  I am also grateful
    that our house has become a place where friends and family gather.  I love hearing the house filled with children
    playing, laughter and chatter of close friends and family.
  • my new Norwex front door mat and bathroom
    cleaning cloths!  They make my life much
    easier and help to keep the house a bit cleaner.
  • my dog Jessie – she is the best furry best
    friend anyone could hope for.  She is
    ALWAYS happy to see me and welcomes me with enthusiasm when I return home,
    whether I’ve been gone for five minutes or all day.  I love her snuggles, her sweet nature, and the
    way she loves and protects my children as if they were her own.
  • challenging days like today. They make me
    appreciate the easy days so much more, and they show me how far I have come in
    my journey to be calm and more present. 
    There were lots of times today when things didn’t go to plan or my
    buttons were pushed by my little people. 
    But, I am proud to say, I didn’t lose my sh*t once!  Yay me!!
  • being in a position where I am able to take time off work to stay home with my babies.  They are little for such a short time, and we had such a battle to become parents.  I am grateful every day for them and the special time we are able to spend together.  
  • that time my bff suggested we try Pilates.  Who knew that it would lead to such fulfilment,
    enjoyment and calm?  And how good is it
    to have a job where you wear your comfy active wear to work?!?!
  • my body – I am feeling strong again and healthy.  I am also grateful to have my body back for
    me after so long trying to be pregnant (different fertility treatments, IVF etc.),
    being pregnant and really unwell, grieving lost babies, breastfeeding  and repeating that cycle for seven years or so!  It is really nice to have my body back just
    for me. 
  • being able to read – what an amazing thing!  My son is learning to read and it is exciting
    watching the world open up to him as he learns. 
  • stolen moments of quiet and stillness – Being a
    mum is busy, noisy, and often chaotic.  I
    am learning to seek out and enjoy short snippets of time where I just stop,
    breathe and carry on. 
  • the daffodils lasting so long in our garden this
    year – they really are my favourite and I love the way when I look at them I feel
    sunshine and happiness.
  • the beautiful spring day we had yesterday.  Where we live, spring has a definite smell
    and feel.  I get very excited each year
    with the blooming of the trees and the first promise of warmer weather (note to
    self and a reminder to you all – I got my first sunburn of the season yesterday
    – get the hats and sun cream out.  I was
    only in the sun for half an hour!).
  • days at the beach with my little family – these moments
    of time together where we are present and joyful.
  • My car – I spend so much time in it these days,
    I love how comfy it is, all the fabulous features and the heated seats and
    sunroof help me to be happy every day.
  • The first glass of wine on a Friday night –
    always something to look forward to.  It
    is the best tasting wine of the week.  I’m
    sure it is something to do with the promise of a couple of days with my special
    people before the chaos starts again on Monday!
  • Every person who takes the time to read my
    blog.  I am happy to be writing like
    this, and know that your time is precious. 
    So thank you! xx

So much to be grateful for, and that list came to me in no
time.  Imagine how long the list would be
if I kept going for a couple of hours. 
So, what are you grateful for?  Share your thoughts below or comment on the
Facebook post (search Creative Calm Connected).
Have a great weekend,

E xx