Complete a jigsaw puzzle, flip it over (carefully) and write a message on the back, then take it apart and mail it to a loved one or acquaintance who loves puzzles, so they have to put the puzzle together to get your message! (It might be helpful to let them KNOW there's a message to find!!):  
I have been struggling a bit lately with inspiration for
what to write here on my little blog, wondering why the ideas aren’t
coming.  I’m not the kind of person that
writes religiously every day, but when I want to write it seems to just pour
out of me.  When I decided to start this
blog, I thought that I would aim for two posts a week with a Wise Words Wednesday
in between.  But even two posts lately have
seemed like too much. 
Maybe I’m just feeling a bit worn out and taking the
pressure off the writing will help inspiration to return.  We have had a very busy couple of
months.  August is birthday central in
our house, we have a LOT of birthday’s to celebrate, which is so much fun but
can be exhausting by the end of the month. 
I have been working hard to get my daughter settled into childcare,
which has been an emotional and exhausting slog, but we have recently turned
the corner and she is now happy to play there for the day.  We are also at the end of a busy school term,
and I think I’m a bit worn out with all that we have been packing into our
lives.  I wouldn’t change any of it, but
I think we are all ready for a bit of rest and rejuvenation. 
I am very much looking forward to the school holidays and a
bit of a coastal break we are planning with the kids and my parents.  I feel like it will be exactly the reset we
are after. 
I think perhaps I need a bit more time for the “Creative”
bit of Creative Calm Connected.  I think
I’m doing pretty well on the Calm and Connected fronts but the creative seems
lacking.  So I think for a while, I will
concentrate on that.  I will aim for one
written post a week, and use the time I would have otherwise spent writing on
doing something creative.  Maybe I could
even post about those things!
I have been slowly gathering a list of creative things I would
like to have a go at:
  •    I half completed a photography course at the
    beginning of the year; I would really love to jump back into that and start
    making time to take some fun photos.
  •    Santa bought me a sewing machine for Christmas
    last year, and last week I finally got it out of the box.  I am looking forward to having a go at some
    sewing.  My first project is a simple
    quilt I am going to make.  I got some
    fabulous fabrics at the recent Lincraft and Spotlight sales so I’m really
    looking forward to trying some of that each day as my little one sleeps. I have
    also promised to make my big Sister a bag and have bought some pretty material
    for that.
  •     I have half-finished crocheting a cushion cover
    my son asked me to make him.  I am
    enjoying making it and it looks pretty fancy for my beginner abilities!  I think I will take that with me to finish
    off on holidays.  I find it relaxing to
    do while chatting and it is nice to have something to do with my hands.  I find it really helps on days where my
    anxiety rears back up again.
  •     Our son has asked if he can change his room
    around.  I think what he means by that is
    to redecorate, and I think it is probably time. 
    He seems to have outgrown Winnie the Pooh and I think he would love a
    Star Wars theme.  I am going to have fun
    redecorating with him, allowing him to bring a little personality to his space.
  •     I have discovered bullet journals!  Have you ever used one?  I am excited about it because I LOVE lists
    and it is a way that I can be a bit creative while keeping all my lists in one
    place.  Go here or here if you want to
    find out more about bullet journals.  I
    am just in the early stages of setting mine up but I am really excited about it
  •     I also feel like I should start dedicating some
    time to the novel that I’ve been saying forever that I would like to
    write.  Now that our baby is going to
    childcare one day a week, I am taking on a short shift at Pilates that day, but
    I could use the time around that shift to dedicate to developing my

So that seems like the beginning of a good plan to me.  What do you think? What do you do to
re-energize your spirit when inspiration doesn’t come?  Comment below or on the Creative Calm
Connected page on Facebook.
Oh, and I have had a few people saying that they have tried
to leave comments on the blog but they don’t get posted.  I am following up with Blogger (the hosting
platform) about that.  I have no idea
where they are going or why they aren’t being posted.  I will let you know as soon as I have found
an answer for you.  Please keep trying, I
love when people comment.  It is good to
know that I’m not just talking to myself!
Until next time,