Yesterday was a near perfect day for me.  Our little family headed off to the beach for
a day trip. We often make these trips now, because it isn’t that far to go and
we always have a good time.  A trip to
the ocean seems to rejuvenate us all, calm us and help us spend some really
happy time together without being at home worrying about what we “should” be
doing instead. 
I was thinking about why yesterday was so magical for
me.  The weather wasn’t perfect (until
late afternoon), we left later than we wanted to, but none of that could get to
me yesterday.  I think that what made it
perfect was that it was a truly creative,
calm, connected
day.  We were all
relaxed and happy (calm!).  There was a
really nice connection between us all, we all seemed so present, so in the
moment, not consumed by anything else (connected!).  And we got to do lots of favourite things
(morning tea at our favourite café, lunch at the beach, spending a lazy
afternoon on the sand).  My husband and I
even had a little time where each of us could take some photos (creative!).
It really was an example of how, when we do the work, listen
to what our hearts want, name it, and then do it, your heart and soul really have
the opportunity to come alive.  I kept
thinking yesterday to myself and the universe “more of this please”.   And I hope there are plenty more days like it
to come. 
Here are some photos I took yesterday.  I hope you all have a calm and happy day.
E xx