This morning my husband quietly crept back into our
bedroom.  “Get up, we have snow” he
It was early, school holidays and both kids were still
asleep, and I could tell he thought he might get in trouble for waking me.  But he didn’t. 
I love snow.  We live
in a city that gets cold in winter, but it doesn’t often snow here. The closest
snowfields are about a two hour drive from home.  So it was quite a treat to get up and see our
yard with a light dusting of snow that had settled overnight.  I love the crisp freshness that snow brings.  And somehow (in my mind at least), if it
snows, it makes the bitter cold worthwhile. 
While I stood in the backyard taking in the beautiful view,
I was reminded of how much I love it to be outside in a snowstorm.  My husband is a good skier, (and I am not!)
so when we go skiing, he will ski with me in the morning, and then after lunch
he goes off to the black runs while I stumble down the beginner slopes or head
inside for a hot cuppa by the fire.  I
have beautiful memories of one such day, my legs aching from trying my best to
stay upright all day.  I had decided to
head inside and warm up by the fire. 
On my way back, it started to snow.  Not a crazy white out blizzard, but a
beautiful, gentle snowstorm.  It was one
of the most peaceful moments of my life. 
I stopped and watched the snowflakes on their gentle journey to the
ground, and was mesmerised by the soft quiet that had suddenly fallen around
me.  I stood there, still, quietly taking
in the beauty of a snowstorm while others rushed by eager to reach the warm
comfort of the chalet.  There was an
overwhelming sense of peace for me in that snowstorm that day, and I don’t quite
understand why. 
I headed back into the warm building and cozied up by the
windows watching the snow continue to fall. 
It was really one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. 

So no, my husband didn’t get into trouble for waking me
today.  I thanked him.  I had the opportunity to experience a little
moment of calm with the snow before we woke our son and ran around the backyard
all excited, taking photos and throwing snowballs.  What a beautiful way to start the day.