Today I wanted to take a moment to say a huge THANK YOU to
every single one of you.  On Monday this
week I finally got the guts to share my little blog with family and friends on Facebook,
and I have been totally overwhelmed with the response I received.  Thank you all for taking time out of your
busy lives to read it.  And thank you for
your beautiful, thoughtful comments and encouragement. 
It is a scary thing to put yourself out there, especially
for me, doing something new like this, in such a public way.  But it has been a totally positive an
energising experience so far, and I am inspired to keep writing.  In fact, I also started writing the very
first words of my first novel this week, so thank you all.  To think that I am finally chasing this dream
that once seemed so out of reach, is really really cool.  
There is no happy face emoji with a smile big
enough to show you how I’m feeling this week, so you will have to make do with
a picture of this daffodil from my front garden instead.
Until next time

E xx