Heart Shaped Cloud:

I got a nice surprise today. 
When I woke up my dear Husband said “Happy Anniversary”.  I was a bit confused.  Our wedding anniversary isn’t until
October.  However, 16 years ago, this
date changed both of our lives forever.
Finally, we met. 
We were at a little Irish pub near where we live. It was
dark, it was late, it was loud.  Who knew
that night would change the course of my life forever? 
We saw each other across a crowded dancefloor and
eventually, at last drinks, spoke, made a good first impression, and have never
looked back. 
Sixteen years!  I can’t
believe it.  I have been thinking today
about all that we have crammed into those years and I am so glad that my
Husband had the courage to overcome his shyness that night and speak to
We have made a wonderful life together.  We have enough because we have each
other.  We have fought through the
struggles and made a beautiful family. 
Our two children are the greatest gifts he has given me.  Each one a magnificent balance of the best
bits of each of us.  Every time I hear
their giggles or shrieks of delight I am grateful that I met him and we made
these little people!
We have a gorgeous house, but it is the way we have filled
it with love, hopes and dreams that make it such a wonderful home.
We have travelled.  We
have seen some of the world’s most beautiful places.  We have roamed high in snow covered mountains
and swam in crystal blue oceans.  We have
seen beaches of all different colours, have skied in the desert and in the
And there is no one in the world that I would have loved to
do that more with than him. 
We have the same values. 
We have some similar interests. 
But in many ways we are opposites. 
He balances me perfectly.  I talk,
he is quiet.  I am extroverted, he
introverted.  He likes the outdoors, I
like reading. He saves money, I spend it!! 
 He is old, I am young 😉
He is patient, kind and generous.  He is gentle, quiet and calm.  He puts his all into working hard and giving
us a brilliant life.  He is very handy
around the house, and has an inquisitive questioning mind. 
Don’t get me wrong, he is not perfect.  He is always late! And sometimes we have
trouble finding a way to communicate effectively with each other.  But who doesn’t?!?!?
The thing is, despite our imperfections (I know, hard to
believe, but I have a couple too), we find a way to make it work.  It is our commitment to each other that I am
really proud of.  We have got through
some really tough, dark times and come out the other side together.  Many other couples who have faced what we
faced may not have been able to stick with each other.  They might have shut each other out, so
absorbed in their own grief they might not have had enough left to give someone
else.  But we always do.  We always have enough.  We always keep trying.
Our wedding day was one of the best days of my life.  After several years together, finally having
that day where we told the world officially that there is no one else we would
rather share life with was an amazing and powerful feeling.  I know lots of people think that being
married is just a piece of paper, and I suppose that it is.  But for me, it is more than that.  It somehow magically gave me that
extra assurance that this really is real. 
Something shifted.  Got bigger.  It gives me a sense of security knowing that
he could have married anyone else, but he chose me.  It makes us try harder to be the best we can
be for each other and our children.  I
still get a kick out of introducing him as “my husband”. 
He is a great Dad.  He
loves his children with all his heart. 
It is beautiful to see the differences in how he interacts with each
one. The rough and tumble, playing with guns, noisy interaction with our
son.  And the softer, quieter, gentler
side of him that I see our daughter bring out. 
It melts my heart when I catch a glimpse of him sneaking a quick cuddle
with them.  Each of them completing him
in a way we never thought possible before we became parents. 
the only thing that matters (repinned by www.BlickeDeeler.de):
So on this 16th anniversary of the day that we
met, I thank you dear Husband for all that you are. 
I chose him then and I choose him still.