Do you have a list of things you would like to do on the
weekends or places you would like to see, and find that, like us, weekends get
filled up doing all the little things we don’t do during the week and that list
of fabulous fun things never gets done?  I
love weekends, because it is time that we get to spend together, which is even
more precious now our son is at school. 
But I’ve felt for a while now that we tend to do the same thing every
weekend.  And I was a little bit
bored.  There are so many things that we
say to each other we’d like to do, and we somehow were never making the time to
do them.
So, a little while ago, I suggested to my little family that
we should do Sunday Fun Day!  We would write down all the ideas we have of
places we want to go or things we want to do on a Sunday, put them in a jar,
and each week, pick one out and do it! 
Easy!  We used our trip to the
coast recently to come up with ideas, and we made sure that everyone was able
to contribute.  There are some things in
there that not all four of us would have chosen, but we agreed in the interests
of fairness we would give every suggestion a try.  The suggestions needed to be achievable in a
day, and locations needed to be within an easy drive of Canberra. 
We draw out the coming Sunday’s activity sometime during the
week so we can prepare if needed (e.g. a day trip to the beach would need us to
pack beach toys, towels, sun cream etc. the night before so we can leave early
in the morning), or if it is a weather dependent activity, we can choose
something else if the forecast looks grim. 
Last week we had drawn out a visit to the Arboretum but as we were having breakfast, we had a call from our son’s best friend (our Goddaughter) inviting us to the zoo.  We were all excited, and because the zoo is also in our Sunday Fun Day jar, we decided we would do it.  What a great way to kick off the new tradition than with close friends (who are our special chosen family anyway). 
Best friends 

I love being stuck in between these two!
We have loved going to the zoo since our son was
little.  He has always really enjoyed it,
so we are members and go often.  Recently
there have been a lot of upgrades and it is a really lovely place to wander
around.  We have been a few times since
our daughter was born, but Sunday was the first time that she noticed and got
excited about the animals.  She
particularly loved the fish in the aquarium, and made lots of animal noises as
we meandered around looking at the different animals. 
It was really relaxing to spend the day with our beautiful
friends.  These friends mean the world to
me.  We have been through a lot together
in the time we’ve known each other and they have a special place in my
heart.  It was so good to be able to
watch not only the kids happy faces, but also to see my Soul sister and her
husband relaxed and enjoying the day. 
Soul Sisters

If our first Sunday Fun Day was anything to go by, I can
already tell that this is a great way for our family to feel creative, calm and
connected.  I can’t wait to find out what
this Sunday’s activity will be!
What do you think of the Sunday Fun Day idea?  What ideas would you put in your Sunday Fun
Day jar?  Comment below (I am pretty sure
the comments should FINALLY work properly now!) or on the Creative Calm
Connected Facebook page. 
Until next time,

E xx