A beautiful quote can help you remember every lost loved one. These warm words from the Hallmark Signature are great for consoling a friend suffering a loss.:

About four months ago, I had the privilege of meeting a kind
lady who would teach me so much in a short amount of time.  Today her family farewelled her from this
world as she lost her long drawn out battle with cancer. 
I have been sitting here tonight thinking of her after I was
told of her passing, and wondering how it is possible for someone to make such
a mark on you after such a short time.  
In those few short months, I saw her once a week, when she was well
enough to meet me for some gentle exercise. 
In those few short months, she taught me so much. 
I must admit, I had selfish reservations about getting to
know someone who I knew had a terminal illness. 
I didn’t want to get close, because I knew this day would come.  I wanted to protect myself from the hurt that
comes from losing someone who inspired you or taught you something important
about yourself.  Tonight though, as I sit
here, thinking of the gentle soul that now flies with the angels, I feel humble
that she gave those hours to me in the last months of her life. 
I feel grateful that she taught me what a great honour it is
to serve.  To be able to contribute
something positive to someone who is fighting so hard.   To be touched by her positivity, her grace
and her courage. 
She never complained. 
She was in pain, suffering through horrible treatments but never once said
anything negative about her situation. 
Faced with her own mortality, she bought joy and light to those she saw
at that same time each week.  She lifted
us up without even trying (or maybe she was trying very hard to do it, but it
looked effortless).   
She showed me what it is to live with grace. 
I hope that she enjoyed her time with me.  That after our sessions she felt more able to
enjoy her day. 
In thinking of her I am wondering what others might feel
about me when I pass.  I hope that in
some way I am able to light someone else up inside the way she did for me.  We have a lifetime of small, simple, every
day moments that we need to make the most of. 
Everyday moments that you might think mean nothing to those around you
but might actually be having a profound effect. 
For all of us, those moments are running out.  And we don’t know when our time will
We are only guaranteed right now. 
Wine and candlelight. Yes.:
So tonight Lea, I raise my glass to you.  I thank you for the time you shared with
me.  I thank you for the lessons you taught
me.  I wish you peace. 
E xx