I love spring, always have. 
The promise of warmer weather, the beautiful flowers blooming,
everything seems a bit brighter and more colourful after our long cold
winter.  When I was younger, I used to
have a job working for a company that sold tickets, and at that time, we sold
tickets to Canberra’s Floriade festival. 
I was young, at uni, and for the few years that you had to pay to get
into Floriade, I worked as a box office supervisor.  My job was to wander through the gardens
between all the gates and make sure our staff were doing a good job and the
customers were happy.  It was the most
wonderful job.  I got to have a month
outside in the sunshine, breathing in the beautiful colours and sights of the
tulips and daffodils, eat icecreams and socialise with all different types of
people.  Who could ask for more? 
I have always loved going to Floriade.  But about 7 years or so ago, my husband and I
heard about a hidden garden just north of Canberra that was said to far surpass
the beauty of Floriade.  Surely not!  We decided to check it out and I’m so glad we
did.  We now have a tradition of going to
the Tulip Top Gardens every spring, and it is one of my favourite days of the
The gardens are absolutely stunning.  And people are right, in my opinion, it is
far better than Floriade.  There are not
the massive hoards of people all trying to get in each other’s way to take a
photo.  It is a beautiful garden, not
just garden beds.  The garden is nestled
in a hidden valley, there are lovely big trees, fruit trees in blossom, amazing
tulips and daffodils, green grass and relaxing music piped through the
trees.  The owners thoughtfully scatter
garden chairs around so you can relax in different parts of the garden, and the
price of entry includes a sausage sizzle and free tea and instant coffee all
day.  We generally also take a picnic
lunch and have the most relaxing day, not worried about having to rush.  I thought for today’s post I would let the pictures
do most of the talking:
Since our son was born, I have had a picture with him each
year at the Tulip Gardens, and I love looking back at the photos to see how he’s
grown.  I love now that our daughter has
come along and is in the photos too. Looking back I can’t believe how much my hair has changed!! The pic from 2012 is missing but here’s the ones we do have:



So, if you are looking for a beautiful day out, consider the
Tulip Top Gardens.  I don’t think you
will be disappointed! 
Until next time, 
E xx
PS – this is not a sponsored post. None of mine are – yet! Although I am open to being paid to talk about things I love 😉  ;),