There is good news and bad news.
The good news is I have started writing my novel!  Hooray! 
It feels like such a great achievement to have even started. 
The bad news is that I missed two out of the last seven days
in my writing challenge, but I have kept my promise and have not missed two
days in a row.  I missed Friday because I
had to work, take the kids swimming etc etc, and just could not fit any writing
in.  I missed Sunday because I had a
REALLY big night on Saturday at my 20 year school reunion (watch out for a post
on that coming soon!) and was not in a fit state on Sunday to do much at all. 
Rather than beat myself up about missing those days I am
celebrating the positives.  I have
started writing my first book!  How cool
is that.  I am totally excited about it
and am enjoying the process.  I had a
very busy week last week and still managed to write on most days.  My word count as of this morning (I haven’t written
today yet) is 4,630.   I still have a
long way to go but I am off to a good start.
The first day was the hardest.  I felt like a bit of a fraud and took a while
to get going.  Every time I’ve written
since then has been a bit easier, and I have enjoyed just letting the words
flow.  I am not editing as I go, trying
instead just to get the story out.  After
the month is over, I will reread and see if I think it is worth editing or
sharing with anyone.  But for now I am
just focussing on the process and proud of myself for giving it a go. 
I am not yet ready to share what the book is about, for now
it is just for me.  I am happy to share
that I have taken an experience that happened to me in real life and used that
as the inspiration for a starting point for this story.  I am totally making up the rest as I go.  It was great to have that inspiration to
start me off, and I am loving seeing where my imagination will take me from
I have found it fairly easy to hit the target of around
15-1600 words each writing session, if I do my writing while my daughter has
her midday nap.  It is nice to have a
good chunk of time to get the flow going. 
The days I didn’t hit my word count were days where I tried to write
around other jobs, and it didn’t work as well for me.  Writing while my daughter is in bed gives me
total peace and quiet, without interruptions to concentrate and let my
imagination run wild.  The only downside
to that is I usually use that time to get things done (make appointments, write
blog posts, fold and put away washing, do my creative projects like crochet or
sewing etc).  So for the next little
while there will be less of that.  I
think what I might do though is allow myself one day a week where I still give
myself that time to do other creative things and try and make up the words on
another day.  We will have to see how it
goes.  And allocating that quiet nap time
to writing will still allow us to carry on with life as normal and minimal
disruption.  I did consider getting up an
hour earlier each day to write, but it takes a while for my brain to wake up
properly, so I think I’ll continue with midday writing for now. 
I am trying not to be too strict about it, because I want to
enjoy this process.  I don’t think that
being creative should be a chore, it should be something you enjoy.  It may take me longer than the month of
November to get to the 50,000 word target, but I’m in no hurry.  I’m just so glad that I stumbled across
NaNoWriMo and have given it a go. 
Until next time

E xx