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I got taught a valuable lesson the other day.  Pulled down a peg or two.  And I was absolutely mortified at the way it
I have really been working hard lately on being more
present, trying to experience each moment, really be here.  And I thought I was doing really well.  I have been worrying about things less, felt
calmer, and have noticed more.  I have
been enjoying time with the children more, seeing smiles on people’s faces as I
pass them, and the spring flowers starting to bloom. 
However, I have much more work to do. 
 Friday was Daffodil Day. 
It was also the day before my son’s 6th birthday party.  I was busy, but organised, had my list sorted
and knew I had enough time to do it all. 
I had dropped my daughter at childcare, was heading into the grocery
store to pick up a few party supplies, and I noticed the beautiful daffodils at
the fundraising stand.  I must buy a couple of bunches on the way
I thought to myself. 
Feeling a bit like Supermum, I flew around getting
everything on the list, stopped to chat to a Grandma I know from Kinder, smiled
at the person guarding the self-service checkouts and headed to get my
daffodils.  “Hi how are you?” she
asked.  “Good thanks” I replied as I
searched the bunches for the prettiest flowers. 
Got out my money and handed it over. 
To my horror*, a beautiful friend was sitting there, I had been so up in
my head that I failed to notice her.  I
had spoken to her, without looking at her. 
I had just done the thing that I hate so much.  Having worked in retail for a long time in my
younger days, I really hated that “being invisible” feeling I got when
customers looked at me but didn’t see me.  You can tell when someone isn’t paying you
the attention you are worthy of.  You
feel it.  There isn’t that connection
there.  That exchange of energy that
lifts each of you up.  I had just made my
friend feel that exact same way and I hated myself in that moment for doing
that.  She, and everyone else that we
come across in our busy lives, is worthy of our attention.  Worthy of eye contact, a pleasant smile, a
quick conversation before we get on with our busy lives.  We are not robots, devoid of feelings, giving
our all to receive nothing in return. 
I stopped, took a breath, apologised and gave her the
attention she deserved.  Gracious as
ever, she smiled back at me, we chatted, and carried on with our days.  From the bottom of my heart Dani, I apologise
again.  And I thank you for being there
that day to teach me that I still have more to learn.  I may be doing ok and have come a long way,
but there is still work to be done. 
So will you all join me in a challenge this week?  Will you promise, as I do, to be really
present in your interactions with others? 
Will you give eye contact, a smile, a little moment of your day to the
person you are interacting with?  At the
grocery store, the clothes shop, the post office, work, school and more?  Will you help that person you are with feel a
little less invisible? 
Let me know how you go? 
Comment below or on facebook (search Creative Calm Connected). 
We can do this!
E xx
*(I wasn’t horrified that my friend was there, just that I hadn’t
seen her)
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