On Saturday night I went to the Keith Urban concert.  It was the BEST concert I have ever been
to.  And I have been to a lot of live
shows having worked for Ticketek for a number of years when I was a bit
It was always going to be a special night because my Aunty
was coming with me and we are both huge fans. 
I have been to a Keith Urban concert before and had a great time.  He is a wonderful artist, so talented and
still humble and grateful for the life he leads. 
But what happened at that show was more than that (which is
amazing on its own).  It was a beautiful
Canberra summer evening, warm with  clear
skies.  With the first guitar chord, the
whole crowd stood, cheered, and the energy in the stadium changed.  It became electric.  Souls united in a common love of good music.  The sun set, the stars and moon came out and
soft breeze gently cooled us as we danced and sung our hearts out. 
There is something very special about attending a live music
event.  A magical transformation from the
every day to the BEST day.  When you
truly let yourself go, sing like no one is listening, dance like no one is
watching, just being in the moment. 
Feeling the music deep within you, united with every other person in the
place in a few hours of pure joy. 
And that’s what I think is so special about that night.  Both Keith Urban and most people in the crowd
really just lived in that moment.  There
is something quite mesmerising about watching a talented artist do their thing.  But Keith more than most.  He can really play the guitar.  And the utter joy that drips off him when he
does is infectious.  Several times
throughout the night I watched him get so into his guitar solos that he seemed
both so present yet so far away.   Really
here in the moment, but at the same time, transported to a place deep within
where it almost felt voyeuristic to watch. 

Image credit: RIchard Gabriel Ford/WireImage via  Eonline.com

I caught myself several times throughout the night looking  up to the heavens, taking a big breath in and
thanking the Universe for this moment.  I
thought “more of this please”.  More of
this feeling of joy.  Of being connected
to myself and others.  Of feeling united
with other people in a common goal. 
Imagine if we could harness the type of energy that was in GIO Stadium
on Saturday night and use it in our every day lives to bring that same sense of
joy and connectedness to those we interact with.  Imagine if we could carry that feeling with
us into every area of our lives, sharing it, spreading it, making it grow. 
I’m going to try it. 
There is so much hype about mindfulness recently, and this was a really
good demonstration for me about how being present in this moment right now, can
be so rewarding. 
Until next time,
E xx