10 things I know after 10 years of marriage

10 things I know after 10 years of marriage

Last Friday my husband and I celebrated our 10 year wedding
anniversary.  My Mum and Dad looked after
the kids for us and we had a fun evening out! 
We treated ourselves to dinner at Jamie’s Italian and had plenty of
laughs at Kitty Flanagan’s show.  It was
so much fun.  I definitely think we
should do that kind of thing more often. 
With little ones it is sometimes hard to make each other a priority, but
when we do make the time to I am always happy that we did. 
I’ve been thinking about how we’ve been together for so long
now!  16 years together, and 10 years of marriage.  Here are ten things I know after 10 years of
  1. It is possible to love someone more than you
    thought you ever could.  When we got
    married, I didn’t think it could be possible to love anyone more than him, I didn’t
    think it was possible for my heart to grow anymore.  But, I was wrong! 
  2.  It is the little things that matter.  The little things can and should be
    celebrated.  Other little things can
    quickly turn into big things if you don’t address them straight away.  A good rule we made when we moved in together
    was to be upfront and talk about stuff if it was annoying us – straight
    away.  I think that served us well and
    stopped little things turning into big things. 
  3. We think we know each other pretty well, but
    even after all this time, we are still finding out new things about each other.
  4. Love evolves over time.  It is not better or worse, just different and
    reflects the life stage you are at at the time.
  5.  I like having a shared history with
    someone.  Someone who has been through
    what I’ve been through, someone to reminisce with, laugh with, have secrets
  6. We are fundamentally the same people now as we
    were back then, just a little more wrinkly and grey!
  7. I will never get tired of looking at those
    beautiful blue eyes of his.
  8. Together we balance each other perfectly.  With each other, we are better versions of
  9. We have created something truly special in our
    little family.  A home so filled with
    love that it makes me so proud I could almost cry (and sometimes do…. Well probably
    more than sometimes!)
  10. I chose him all those years ago, and I still
    choose him now. 

And because ten isn’t enough – a bonus couple:  

  • We don’t have enough pictures of us
    together.  We must start using our son’s
    awesome photography skills and get more pictures together.
  • My husband supports my hopes and dreams and
    makes me feel like I can achieve great things.
  • Relationships work best when each party gives
    100%.  The Flylady explains it in a way I
    really like:

Marriage is not a 50/50 proposition, as many of you think. I
believe that this perception is hurting many families. Here is why.
When we feel we are
doing our half of the work, we automatically feel slighted because we don’t
feel our mate is doing his or her fair share. So we pout, fuss, or even go on
strike. This is so silly.
Marriage is a
100%/100% proposition; Each person giving their all to the family. When you do
all that you can, you have done your best. 
So, what have you learned from
being with your significant other?
I am excited for what the next
ten years hold for my Husband and I. 
Until next time,

E xx
I’m back!

I’m back!


Refreshed, Reconnected, Relaxed, re-energised,
re-focused.  Ready for the rest of the

I have just come back from a week away and that’s how I
feel. Once again, I am convinced that I have my Core Desired Feelings right (if you want to read my post about Core Desired feelings go here). Our holiday had all the elements there – time for being creative, plenty of connecting with those i love, and lots and lots of calm.  The combination of those three things make me feel how I want to feel every day.  When I get all those elements together, I am at my best.  Have you thought about what your Core Desired Feelings might be?  Honestly, since I’ve worked it out, I feel like it is much easier to live the kind of life you want to live.  To be honest, nothing much has really changed in my life, but the focus of my life has.  And I like it!  
We took the kids and my Mum and Dad to Merimbula for the week, and had a beautiful
time together.  I didn’t feel rushed, but
we did plenty of fun things.  I really
enjoyed spending our time together.  The
kids were pretty well behaved, and the weather was great. It was so much warmer
than home, and even though it was a bit windy some days, it was really nice to
get a break from all the rain we’ve been having.
I love the special bond that my children have with my
parents, and it was so special for them to have Grandma and Poppy on holidays
with them.  We are lucky to have my
parents living so close by.  The whole
reason for our trip was to take Mum and Dad away to thank them for all they do
for us.  They look after the kids for us
so that I can do my Pilates shifts.  But
more than that.  They are only ever a
phone call away if we need them and love spending time with our babies.  They are supportive, offer us all unconditional
love and we all love spending time with them. 
I also love the way they love and accept my husband as their own. 
It was also special to take them away because my Dad has had
a couple of years where he couldn’t travel. 
Before he got sick, Mum and Dad used to travel around this beautiful
country on their motorbike, seeing lots of different places and having
adventures together.  But that silly
little “piece of meat” (as our son used to say) put a pause on that for a
while.  Now though, Dad is almost fully recovered
and has the all clear, so it was wonderful to see him excited to go somewhere
different again. 
At the beginning of our week away, everyone nominated some
things they would like to do/see while we were away.  We worked our way through the list and made
some beautiful memories together.  Here’s
some photos I took of us:
My Dad took this photo

And here’s some of my more creative pics:
It is amazing how just a change of location can reset
you.  I found that without the demands on
our time that exist at home, I was able to be more calm and present.  It was nice to slow down a little and prepare
for the last school term of the year.  Wouldn’t
it be great if we could maintain that feeling of holiday calm for a lot longer
when we return home?  I am going to try
really hard to hang onto it this term – we are going to be busy, but with some
special things to look forward to between now and Christmas.  I’m glad that we have those things to look
forward to; I think they help lessen the blow of the post-holiday return to
I have come home determined to make the most of this fresh
start, feel ready to make some positive life changes in terms of healthy
habits, and am excited about what the rest of the year has in store. 
Until next time, 

E xx